The ARCORA PU-PAD is especially suited for all cleaning machines, including orbital technology.
The oscillating cleaning head with orbital circular motion adapts to all surfaces. In combination with the ARCORA PU-PAD excellent cleaning result will be the result.
The combination of orbital and rotating motion creates constant vibrations, which are increasing the cleaning efficiency and ensures a completed covering on the surface.

Available in all sizes and shapes!


■ higher water absorption than conventional pads
■ suitable for all cleaning machines
■ ideal solution for your maintenance cleaning
■ two-sided application possible
■ excellent value for money
■ available in all forms and sizes
■ one pad to replace all others


The ARCORA PU-PAD is used for the maintenance cleaning of any hard floor coverings such as tiles, stone floors, porcelain stoneware, concrete floors, vinyl floors, PVC and linoleum. It is especially suitable for the use in public facilities, airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Use the pad side for cleaning all hard floor surfaces.

For more persistent dirt, the pad backside (green) can be used as a normal cleaning pad. For cleaning corners and smaller areas the ARCORA PU-HANDPAD is perfectly suited.